Our Approach

Understanding how customers find their way to your business is key to your success.  Our marketing and technology offerings are based around a five-step process that each customer goes through before choosing to spend their money.  We call this the customer journey.

We employ the latest technology to implement strategies that help your business get found by potential customers during their journey.  

Until recently, the most effective marketing technologies were cost prohibitive and only available to major corporations. However, advancements in web-based software have allowed business like yours to take advantage of some of the powerful methods major brands have been using to reach and convert customers for years.  

Each one of our services breaks down the tools and procedures to find customers and create touch points between your and your market, regardless of where they might be in the buying cycle.

The customer journey:


This is the very beginning of the patient journey. This is the moment when someone becomes aware they have a problem that may require your services, but are not sure how to find the right solution.  This typically kicks the process off by casting a wide net. Can people find you or your content Do you have A Blog or a question you answered?


In this phase the potential customer has narrowed down the options and is considering the right direction to take when moving forward. They are considering the type of service that will solve their problem. What sort of information are you providing about your product or how your services solve specific problems that customers may be experiencing?


During this stage the patient is set on your type of product or service and is evaluating their options against each other.  After a potential customer becomes aware of you, how will they perceive your business? What are you doing to differentiate your business from your competitors?


This is the part in the process where the customer is ready to make an purchase. Can customers easily find your website or social media outposts and easily purchase online or schedule an appointment from their smartphone, tablet and laptop?


The customer has visited your business but is not a lifelong customer yet.  Do you have a system in place to provide personal follow-up messages, request feedback and/or direct them to their favorite review site for an endorsement?

What We Offer

Mobile Development

We develop for Android IOS and Windows Mobile . 

Digital Marketing

Our marketing consultants have got you covered. From strategy to execution we help you find paying customers wherever they are at.  

Content Creation

We work closely with a pool of content writers who can create anything from website copy to captivating blog posts.

Public Relations

Need to get the word out?  We have experience public relations professionals who can help your business get noticed.

Digital Strategy

Our digital team has worked with both large and small companies to create meaningful and cost effective digital strategies.

Email Marketing

Need to launch a campaign or simply looking to better manage existing customers we have got you covered!

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Who we are: 

A curated network of experts designed to meet your needs.

We are a team of entrepreneurs, software developers, design and strategy experts with offices in Seattle and Spokane WA.

Our team of experienced consultants have decades of experience working for a range of business from Start-Ups to fortune 100 companies.

We can assist with anything from strategy, software development, branding, design, UX and UI, to complete product roll outs.

Lead by an executive team specialized in software development, design and strategic consulting we  recruit top talent with a number of carefully curated experts who provide top notch service no matter what challenge you are trying to overcome.

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Leadership Team:

Co-Founder & CTO

Victor is an entrepreneur at heart and tech nerd by necessity. Currently, With over 20+ years of software development, and technology management experience, Victor oversees all things technical for The Manito Group.



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Andrew clapp
‍Co-Founder & 

Andrew is an entrepreneur with 20 years of experience developing and launching new and innovative products. His experience crosses multiple verticles where he has worked for fortune 500 companies, venture capital firms start-ups and small business owners. Andrew oversees operations for The Manito Group.